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King John's Castle


Located on on ‘King’s Island’ in the heart of medieval Limerick City, King John’s Castle is located just a 10 minute drive from Campus Holidays self catering apartments.


King John was the brother of Richard the Lionheart, associated with legends such as Robin Hood and the Knights’ of the Round Table. John, Lord of Ireland, though not as popular as his brother, was a formidable force in battle and when he set about claiming territory in Ireland, he certainly made his mark in Limerick. King John, as “Lord of Ireland” minted his own coins and the Royal moneyer would have struck the coins in the Castle mint. Between 1200 and 1212 King John’s Castle was planned and built. In the following centuries it was repaired and extended many times.
King John’s Castle retains many of the pioneering features, which made its construction unique for the day. Its massive gate house, battlements and corner towers await your exploration while the armoury and its contents remain as evidence of its turbulent history.

Visitor Experience

King John’s Castle brings to life over 800 years of dramatic local history. The Castle was reopened on Friday June 28th 2013, following a multi million euro investment. There is a brand new visitor centre with state of the art interpretive activities and exhibitions. The visitor centre also has a cafe which boasts terrific views of the castle courtyard and the Shannon river.
21st century touch screen technology, 3D models and discovery drawer are among the exciting techniques that will connect you to tales of siege and warfare.
In the busy courtyard, there is a medieval campaign tent, a blacksmiths forge and scenes from a seventeenth century siege. The sights, scenes and sounds of King John’s Castle and its environs all combine to recreate the atmosphere of the era. Costumed animators transport you back in time to create a truly authentic experience.

Opening Hours

Jan - Feb: 9.30am - 5.00pm (last admission 4.00pm)
March -April are 09.30 to 5.30pm (last entrance is at 4.30pm).
May 09.30-6pm (last admission at 5pm)
June/July/August – 09.30- 6.30pm (last admission at 5.30pm)
September- 09.30 -6pm (last admission at 5pm)
October- December: 9.30am - 5.00pm (last admission 4.00pm)

To book tickets online and for more information you can visit the official site here.