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Drama League of Ireland 53rd Residential Summer School 2018  - 28th July – 4th August 2018

The Drama League of Ireland aims to support, nurture and enhance the aspirations and activities of practitioners in the amateur theatre sector through education, training, advocacy and advisory services.
As the national resource service for the amateur theatre community in Ireland and as a voluntary arts organisation, the DLI  seeks to o develop, maintain and improve services for voluntary arts practitioners www.dli.ie

Book your stay in one of residential villages here. Each village has its own distinctive character and charm. Each house is decorated to the highest standards and daily cleaning of the accommodation is part of the package. 

You can apply for DLI membership either as a whole group or as one individual. We have membership forms provided in the links below, one for group membership and the other link for individual membership.Broaden your love of theatre by enjoying our numerous workshops, weekend courses and festivals.Create the magic of theatre through acting and directing.Realise a dream of performing to enthusiastic audiences.Avail of the many services and resources offered to our members.Travel abroad with your society to represent Ireland at IATA Festivals.

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